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Here at Harley St. Hair Centre, we have a selection of world-class Scientists, Trichologists, and experienced Chemists at our disposal to help you  combat hair loss, premature receding / thinning of hair and advanced progressive baldness. 


How does hair loss happen?

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Our hair and scalp specialist will guide you step-by-step to understand the perfect solution for your hair loss.

Our hair and scalp specialist will guide you step-by-step to understand the perfect solution for your hair loss.

We all are likely to experience some degree of hair and scalp problem during our lifetime. Unfortunately, some of us may experience hair loss. Understanding different types of hair loss and their underlying causes is the first step to finding the most effective way to treat them. There are about forty-six clinical types of hair loss suffered by men and women with great individual variability but most conditions are gender specific and can be correctly treated by a proper diagnosis.

Hair loss can be separated into different types depending on the cause. Several types of baldness include: Alopecia areata (autoimmune), Telogen effluvium, diffuse hair loss and Traction alopecia (mechanical). The most common causes of hair loss is genetics and hormonal, namely, androgenetic alopecia.

Androgenetic alopecia is a male hormone (androgen) driven condition where dihydrotestosterone (DHT) an active form of Testosterone, acts to cause follicular miniaturisation - degeneration of hair follicle and shortens the growth phase (anaphase) of the hair cycle. As the hair follicle gradually degrades, the shaft thickness is reduced. Together with less time in anaphase, the amount of hair shed exceeds hair growth. The end result is progressive baldness until the scalp hair appears as ‘vellus hair,’ where the hair has degraded to the point where it is barely noticeable. If the hair loss progresses until all the scalp hair is lost from the head, this is called alopecia totalis.

Genetics and hormones are not the only factors for hair loss. Hair thinning is often a result of poor circulation, artificial hormone level changes, mineral deficiency, diet, medications, illness or even stress.

No matter what the cause, early diagnosis is essential in prevention of the onset of hair loss. Consult with your doctor or see our specialists to understand your condition and receive the correct treatment for your hair or scalp problem now.