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Here at Harley St. Hair Centre, we have a selection of world-class Scientists, Trichologists, and experienced Chemists at our disposal to help you  combat hair loss, premature receding / thinning of hair and advanced progressive baldness. 




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The Professional Hair Centre From London       

Our expertise and experience has helped and continues to help thousands of men and women regain both their hair and confidence.

Harley St. Hair Centre Co., Ltd. was established in 1999, and is based in central London at Harley Street, 

Providing first-class private medical consulting room and therapy rooms. Our aim is to combine scientific and trichological skill to promote research into hair biology and hair growth mechanisms and to design and produce world-class, effective treatment for all types of hair loss conditions in both men and women, by a qualified, experienced trichologists and scientifically-proven treatments specific for the different causes of hair loss and scalp problems, all developed and manufactured in the UK.

A free consultation for first-time visitors. The sooner the problem is diagnosed and addressed, the better the result.

Please do not hesitate to submit an enquiry form to us for a free call-back service or contact our call centre (+66)2-632-1089.