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Here at Harley St. Hair Centre, we have a selection of world-class Scientists, Trichologists, and experienced Chemists at our disposal to help you  combat hair loss, premature receding / thinning of hair and advanced progressive baldness. 


Client Testimonial : Mr. Natee

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"I have an oily scalp and constantly experience hair loss problem. Receding and thinning of hair is visible on my forehead area. My friend recommended 'Harley St.' to me and I am really pleased with result since the first trial treatment due to personal hair analysis report showing my hair fall has decreased significantly. Just a couple of weeks later, I noticed quick regrowth of hair, plus grown back thickness of hair. Even my friends recognised the changes, it truly is amazing. The best part is that when I stopped the treatment, there was no side effects to to my health, and no problem with my hair and scalp anymore. Hair loss no more, 'Harley St.' is excellent!" - Mr. Natee, our client.

*Result depends on individual variability of hair & scalp conditions. We strongly advise you consult with certified hair & scalp consultants or trichologists before you commit yourself in any hair & scalp programs / treatments.