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Here at Harley St. Hair Centre, we have a selection of world-class Scientists, Trichologists, and experienced Chemists at our disposal to help you  combat hair loss, premature receding / thinning of hair and advanced progressive baldness. 


Client Testimonial : Case of Stress-Activated Alopecia

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Our Client: Mr. Chaiyuth

Our Client: Mr. Chaiyuth

"Not enough sleep and stress makes my scalp greasy, and this causes large amount of my hair falling off quickly. My forehead is receding and the crown area of my head is thinning. I tried one of 'Harley St.' treatment program for just a couple of months, and my forehead area is now covered with regrowth hair. My self confidence has returned. Thank you, Harley Team for a successful hair treatment”. - Mr. Chaiyuth, our client.

*Result depends on individual variability of hair & scalp conditions. We strongly advise you consult with certified hair & scalp consultants or trichologists before you commit yourself in any hair & scalp programs / treatments.